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Laura and Ed are off on their honeymoon and I’m left the lovely task of narrowing down their hundreds of playful, elegant, and romantic wedding pictures.  It’s such a hard job, but someones got to do it.  ;)  Seriously, this couple had it all!  They chose to have their bridal party photographed at Riverfront Park but you have to drive through the old navy base to get there.  

I’ll not lie to you- it’s downright scary at times BUT while driving through Creepyville I stumbled upon this gem of a building.  Yes, I asked the bridal party to get out of their fancy limo to walk across God-knows-what just to take these photos. The first thing I heard one of them say was, “This place is so cool!”  Yeah, I have the best clients!


Ivana (mommy of baby Vera) is one of my favorite people on earth.  She has such a joyful spirit and her household is proof of that. Vera is the newest of three beautiful girls who are also full of life and smiles.  Baby Vera even gave me a smile on this, her very first photo shoot!  Ivana, I just want to tell you how proud I am of all you do for your family.  

On top of all the everyday stuff- you take time to love your girls in very personal ways.  I know Vera is already a recipient of this special love you show because of how you responded to these pictures.  You were so happy that I took a picture of her right ear (your favorite of her ears). You thanked me for taking a picture of her right eyelashes (the longest of her eyelashes).  You swooned when you saw her puckered lips (you called them luscious).  You notice and celebrate the unique characteristics of all your girls- and that makes you a perfect mommy.


This past weekend I traveled to Atlanta and photographed this fun-loving couple.  The 7:30AM Atlanta light is creamy and dreamy- I melt just looking at these pictures!  Mel and Walter are some of the spunkiest people I’ve ever met.  Mel is sassy and Walter is a ham . . . the two pictures of Walter kissing her ring say it all.



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