Hey, there! I’m a Charleston wedding photographer, but traveling is my favorite.If an intimate, relaxed wedding is your dream, pop on over to my blog to view current work!I promise to capture wonderfully delightful moments that will showcase YOU in all your glory.

Charleston wedding photographer, Bridgit McBee, has been praised for her digital and film work alike.  She is consistently published on respected wedding blogs and has a style that pleases the most discerning clients. McBee Photography’s work has been described as flawless fine art with an editorial edge.

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We photographers take bridal portraits months before your wedding.  It ensures Mom gets a chance to pour over the pictures and choose her favorite.  Photographing early also allows you to have a final  dress fitting if  you found that it didn’t feel quite right while walking around.  

But of course, I can’t put bridal portraits on my website until after your wedding!  It’s sooooo hard for me to wait to post bridal pictures! Laura’s wedding finally passed and I have a gem to share with you.  This is my favorite one from the day.  It was shot on Fuji Pro 400 film with my grandpa’s old, twin lens reflex, medium format camera.

The pictures are naturally square (120mm) and make for fun composition.  I had no idea that I would get that luminous, circular sun flare OR that the wind would whisk her veil to the side at the perfect moment.  It’s times like these that I step back and thank God for the small things.  If you want to see more of Laura’s bridal session, The Wedding Row just published them today!

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As you scroll through their ceremony pictures, you’ll notice that it’s not a traditional wedding. Nobody gave Dianne to Matthew, they walked  into the ceremony site together.  Nobody “married” them; they gave themselves to each other and wrote intimate, original vows proclaiming their love and commitment.  Then, the group of people gathered to witness their union stood and spoke words of blessings, wisdom, and love over them.

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There was a good bit of silent time, but it was meant as a time of prayer and reflection- and I quite liked it.  Dianne had a gorgeous, hand painted, marriage certificate which was read aloud and signed by all present.  This is the Quaker’s nuptial style, and it was the most pure, intriguing ceremonies I’ve ever documented.  After it was all said and done, everyone shook hands and made merry with champagne- it was perfect.  Dianne and Matthew, congratulations and cheers to a long life of happiness!


This bridal shoot was one of the most relaxed I’ve ever photographed.  Part of that is due to Sally’s sweet disposition- I don’t think I’ve ever seen her frown! BUT, there were some things that we planned for that made this day a huge success.  I’m getting these bridal tips together to share in the next week.  Until then, enjoy this eye candy- shot at Charleston’s one and only Wentworth Mansion.  These luxuriously detailed locations makes my job, as a photographer, feel like a kid in a candy store. :)



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