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Before I talk about this Alhambra Hall wedding, I need to tell you about my interview yesterday!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting our very own Lowcountry Live to talk about McBee Photography.  This was my first time on live TV, but I have to say that Tom Crawford made the interview easy.  (THANK YOU TOM!)

When I sent News 4 my images (which you’ll see flash on the screen during the interview) I should’ve specified that two of my images needed to be shown together because one was the BEFORE shot and the other, an “AFTER” editing.  I wanted to highlight what photographers do to mold an image into a breathtaking piece, worthy of the title “Wall Art.”  Well, we didn’t get to that in the interview, but the unedited image (straight out of camera) was shown during the interview.  As you can image, it was a bit unnerving.  SOOOOOOOO, I’m making it right in a blog post. ;)

Katherine & Shea’s Alhambra Hall wedding happened on a gorgeous day.  There were clouds in the sky and creamy, soft light spilling all over the ground.  This shot (below) is one of my favorites, but I felt it needed a bit more symmetry.  I took out the spiny palms on the left, removed that tiny bit of tree on the left, brought out some more blue in the sky, evened up the grass line. and blurred the bottom of the photo a bit.  BOOM! Now Kat & Shea have a beautifully curated work of art to hang on their wall.

For every wedding, I make sure the couple has a few, truly PERFECT images, like the one you see below.  If you want to showcase a 4 foot canvas, the image has to be pristine.  We comb over every detail, making sure that nothing minuscule is hiding, because when you blow it up, EVERYTHING tiny stands out like a sore thumb.

_MG_4685_BEFORE__McBee_PhotographyAlhambra Hall Wedding McBee Photography

alhambra hall wedding

  • May 19, 2016
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