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Dianne & Matthew . . . YOU’RE FAMOUS!!  To see how they were published on Borrowed and Bleu, click here: PUBLISHED ON BORROWED AND BLEU

Published-on-Borrowed-and-Bleu-McBee-Photography Published-on-Borrowed-and-Bleu-McBee-Photography

To see their two blog posts (Ceremony & Reception) click below.

C: Dianne & Matthew’s Quaker Wedding R: Dianne & Matthew’s reception at the Gin Joint

Congratulations guys! I know I’ve said it a million times BUT this wedding was truly one for the record books.  Dianne & Matthew poured intentionality and deep thought into each part of their wedding.  In the words of Dianne, she thought some traditions were “antiquated” and she didn’t feel forced to adopt any of them if they didn’t hold meaning for her or Matthew.  BRIDES . . . this wedding was so chill and natural and I know it had something to do with the fact that this couple owned every part of their wedding.  This ideology is one more couples should adopt.  Go forth- make memories!!


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