We Were at the Charleston Bridal Show!

Meet Carri & Christine, our neighbors at the Charleston Bridal Show.  Everyone kept asking if we planned for Mac & B and McBee Photography to be next to each other Ha Ha!   If you need a wedding planner, these ladies are the Bee’s Knees (pun intended).

McBee Photography Charleston Bridal Show


Here are a few winners of the swag bags! Congrats to all the ladies & gentlemen who won by wearing the “I LOVE McBee Photography” stickers.  You all looked fabulous with some McBee. :)

McBee_Photography_Bridal_Show_4 McBee_Photography_Bridal_Show_3 McBee_Photography_Bridal_Show_2 McBee_Photography_Bridal_Show_1 McBee_Photography_Bridal_Show

AND the winner of the free engagement shoot is  . . . BAILEY BRAFFORD!!  Thank you all for stopping by our booth.




  • August 04, 2013
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September 10, 2013

All those ladies look fabulous!

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